Helen Hobart Thomas, LCSW, Home

Rainbow over Lac Leman

Rainbow over Lac Leman


1 Response to Helen Hobart Thomas, LCSW, Home

  1. Vivienne Herke says:

    Hi. I loved reading your blog and had hoped that I might be able to introuduce myself to you but I gather that you are homeward bound. I have found a bit more friendly banter with the swiss french than I found with the swiss germans (lived in Basel before) but I am not sure if that is a cultural difference or because I speak much better French than German! I am a canadian trained social worker and mum of 3 who recently moved to Lausanne. If you happen to know of any other social workers in the region who would be interested in meeting up then please feel free to pass on my email to them vivherke@gmail.com. Good Luck with going home and introducing an effective public transport system to Texas!

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