Jumping a Little Deeper into Yoga: YogaMOOC


      The benefit of regular yoga practice has slowly been developing within my personal and professional world. Good living involves evolution . . . I CHANGE.  

     The digitalization of our planet is forcing us all to become global citizens. It seems ironic that the power to connect easily through all forms of media can also be the very cause of a deafening disconnect. Overuse of our ‘devices’ has contributed to psychological attachment issues . . . the very essence of being human, attachment to one another and to all living things.

My career as a counselor began in 1994 during the early days of internet connection and cell phone capabilities. The percentage of individuals suffering from complex developmental trauma and attachment disorders has risen significantly since the early 90’s. It is my true hope that as I take care of myself through yoga, meditation, mindful self-compassion and connection with others that I can be part of the solution to disconnection. Disconnection to other humans seems to be the root of hate, violence, cruelty, suicidality, and hopelessness. Time to shine some light!                  



About HelenHThomas

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am honored to work at Cook Children's Medical Center as a Clinical Therapist providing supportive counseling for the parents of our tiniest patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I feel infinitely thankful to share my life with my best friend and life partner, Dr. Charles R. Thomas (Chuck). Spending time with my wildly fantastic adult children, their spouses and our exceptionally wonderful friends makes my life complete. Life is good!
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